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Sunrise at Gunung Bromo.

Indonesia - the island kingdom on the ring of fire!

The largest island state in the world consists of almost 14,000 volcanic islands and is located in Southeast Asia. Even today, about 70 volcanoes are still active on the island chain and earthquakes are not uncommon due to the plate tectonics on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which we had to experience firsthand on Bali and Nusa Penida. In addition to the rich wildlife, the paradisiacal sandy beaches, the high mountains and the lively cities, the population, which is composed of many different ethnic groups, ensures a diverse appearance of the country. For this reason, Indonesia has something to offer for every traveler and thus attracts about 16 million tourists annually.


The impressiv Temple Prambanan with cloudless sky.
Detail of a stupa from Borobudur temple.
the impressive volcano Gunung Bromo at sunrise.

the impressive Ijen massif with the blue acid barrel at sunrise.


Beach near Pemuteran at sunset.
Moss covered stone sculpture in the shape of a pig in Ubud.
Entrance of Goa Gaja with demons carved in stone.

Moss overgrown stone tombs Gunung Kawi.
Single man performing ritual ablution at Pura Tirta Empul.
Green water filled Tegalalang rice terraces.

Single monkey with a leaf in Monkey Forest.
Dance performance in the evening at Pura Taman Saraswati.
Woman standing on the beach with surfboard looking between rocks to the open turquoise sea.


View of Crystal Bay during the day.
Woman walking alone along the beach of Pandan Beach.
Viewpoint at Kelingking Beach during the day.

Basin of Angels Billabong with shimmering colors.
View of the steep cliffs at Tembeling Beach.
Large manta ray swims into the picture from the left.

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