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Sunrise at Borobudur temple in Indonesia.

Asia - the exotic paradise!

Breathtaking beaches, dense jungle and lost temples, Asia does not count anyway for travelers as an absolute dream destination. The largest continent in terms of area also takes the lead in terms of population, with over 4 billion people. Accordingly, the individual countries and cultures are multifaceted, which can be perceived as mystical and exotic, but also bring their charms with them. In addition to the cultural diversity, the varied landscapes make every adventurer's heart beat faster. Volcanoes rising to the sky, vast steppes, endless sandy beaches lined with palm trees and a colorful underwater world are just waiting to be discovered, so dive with us into the foreign culture of Asia!

Sunrise at Gunung Bromo.
A woman wearing red pants in front of the Cambodian Monument.
 Close-up of an elephant eye in Luang Prabang.

Sunset at one of the largest temples in Sukhothai.

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