Pandan Beach - Nusa Penida

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Woman walking alone along the beach of Pandan Beach.

Where to start with Pandan Beach. Deserted, fine sandy beach, crystal clear water and all this only a stone's throw away from Crystal Bay. All in all, still a real insider tip on the island of Nusa Penida, so don't miss the bay. However, you first have to take a short hike, which has it in the temperatures in itself. But you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the two beaches and a refreshing cool down.

Our base was Crystal Bay. Since we wanted to explore the area a bit, we followed the tip of our landlord and hiked to Pandan Beach. The entrance to the small path you will find on the left hand side at the edge of Crystal Bay. You have to cross a small creek and from here a narrow concrete staircase leads up the hill. Countless steps and even more drops of sweat later we reached a viewpoint with a magnificent view of Crystal Bay. The path then continues level and at the other end of the hill it goes downhill again. Partly there are steep steps on the hill, so proper footwear is definitely recommended. Every now and then you can catch a glimpse of the bay through the trees. At the bottom, the path leads for a short distance through a seemingly impenetrable thicket. But once you've crossed it, you've arrived in paradise.

View of Pandan Beach and its turquoise waters.

Framed in rugged rock walls and dense green jungle on both sides, the bay lay quietly before us. We were alone. No human being far and wide. Only the sound of the ocean. We unpacked our provisions, laid our towels on the sand and hopped into the refreshing, crystal clear water. We took a few pictures, tanned in the warming sun and enjoyed the moment.

Man sits lonely on the beach and looks out to the sea.

But the paradisiacal idyll should find an abrupt end. A local suddenly emerged from the thicket and sat down with us. Better said directly beside me, he asked me for my name and where we came from. He ignored Beppo for the most part and as quickly as he appeared he was gone again. Ok, that was a bit strange, we thought, but well. Suddenly the man stood in front of me dressed only in a pair of tight fire-red underpants embroidered with sequins and asked if I wanted to go swimming with him. I denied and looked around a little irritated at Beppo, who also signaled to him that nothing would come of his dreams, we are still not quite sure of their classification, that day. Thank God, the man disappeared into the thicket again. However, later we saw him talking to someone on the phone through the bushes and we were gripped by fear. We shouldered our seven things and marched back the only possible way. Accompanied by an uneasy feeling, we rushed up the hill, always expecting that the supposed thugs, whom the generous gentleman had just called, would jump out of the bushes. Glad of salvation, we reached Crystal Bay, bathed in sweat but unharmed. We mingled with the people and behaved inconspicuously. In retrospect, we were perhaps a little too hasty. However, caution is better than indulgence!

Pondering the events, we gave the bay another chance the next morning. This time our little paradise was not disturbed by anyone and we enjoyed the whole day the peace and solitude on probably the most beautiful beach we had ever visited until then. The following day, an exciting scooter tour across the island was on the agenda, during which we paid a visit to the famous Kelingking Beach, among other places.

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