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Moss covered stone sculpture in the shape of a pig in Ubud.

After a relaxing day in Pemuteran, we made our way to Ubud. Far from the sea, the small town is surrounded by rice fields, temples and dense jungle, it is a cultural oasis for artists of all kinds. In the evenings, small bars, stores and traditional dances are performed in temples attract visitors. It is often written about Ubud that it is totally overcrowded and touristy, but we have discovered in our four days not only the wild, but also the quiet sides of the city in the heart of Bali!

After a three-hour ride in a private cab, we arrived in Ubud early in the morning. We got off at the main road and walked the last meters to our accommodation. This was a little off the streets and was only accessible on foot. Thus, we could escape the noise and hustle and bustle a bit. After checking in and a short jump in the pool, we packed our backpack and marched off.

We had no specific destination, but simply wanted to explore the area a bit and gather first impressions of Ubud. In addition to countless small bars, boutiques with clothing and jewelry invite you to stroll and let every woman's heart beat faster. But Beppo wanted to continue and so we took an extended walk through the streets and the adjacent rice fields. Our first impression of Ubud was very positive, neither crowded nor dirty. Everything was quiet, people greeted you friendly and wild ducks roamed the fields.

These impressions were only to intensify over the next few days. We rented a scooter on the main street of the city to explore the surrounding area of Ubud. Protected by amusingly shaped helmets, we drove the wheeled undercarriage without a working speed indicator to temples, rice paddies and burial sites and dived deeper into the foreign culture during nightly dance performances. To help you have an exciting time in the cultural center of the Island of the Gods, here are our top 9 things to do in Ubud. Sights and activities that you should not miss!


Single monkey with a leaf in Monkey Forest.

We actually had a rather negative opinion about Monkey Forest beforehand, but this little green spot convinced us all the more of the opposite.

Single man performing ritual ablution at Pura Tirta Empul.

The state temple of Pura Tirta Empul was a magical place, with the ritual ablutions, sacred springs and tranquility it transported us to another time!

Moss overgrown stone tombs Gunung Kawi.

The royal tombs of Gunung Kawi are silent witnesses to the former rulers who have endured the test of time, but have been forgotten for centuries.

Green water filled Tegalalang rice terraces.

The palm-fringed green landscape of the rice terraces surrounding Ubud is the ideal place to escape the hectic city streets.

Entrance of Goa Gaja with demons carved in stone.

In the demon's mouth you will find, in the footsteps of the former explorers, the temple places for the worship of the deities Ganesh and Shiva.

Dance performance in the evening at Pura Taman Saraswati.

Immerse yourself in the foreign culture of Bali and be enchanted by the evening dance performances in the temples of the city!

Roller handlebars in picturesque green landscape.

Explore the surrounding countryside of Ubud on a scooter and discover abandoned temples, the Tegalalang rice fields and the wild jungle.

A lovely bar with a lot of lights represents the Nightlife in Ubud.

The many bars in the alleys of the city invite you to spend an extended evening, the ideal opportunity to talk with other travelers about future adventures!

A woman stands by the sea, her golden jewelry shining into the camera.

The small boutiques of the streets of Ubud entice you to a relaxed stroll. From jewelry to shoes to clothes, there is everything to take a piece of Bali home with you!

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