Tembeling Beach - Nusa Penida

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View of the steep cliffs at Tembeling Beach.

The last detour of our road trip with the scooter through Nusa Penida we paid the Tembeling Beach. A strenuous hike through the dense Tembeling Forest, breathtaking natural pools and two secluded beaches are still a real insider tip on the island, but you should not underestimate!

The roads took us from our previous destination, Angels Billabong & Broken Beach, over 11 kilometers to Tembeling Beach. However, these were very dilapidated in parts, especially the first section, as we had to drive back the way we came to Broken Beach.

Arriving at Tembeling Forest, we parked our scooter at the top and started marching. It went steeply downhill, the path is mostly paved but slippery in places and leads deeper and deeper into the dense jungle of the island. Vines hang down on both sides of the path and in the distance you can hear the monkeys roaring. After nearly 30 minutes of strenuous walking, the path gave way to stairs that took another 5 minutes. Up to the beginning of the steps, one could theoretically ride a scooter. However, since the path was extremely steep, we didn't want to push our luck. Besides, in most situations we prefer hiking anyway, as it gives us a much deeper impression of nature. The stairs lead along rocky cliffs and here you will also find two natural pools. With strong blue they form a contrast worth seeing to the dense jungle and the dreary rock. The pools have a high value for the locals, here you can find statues for ritual ablutions. For this reason, as tourists, you should be respectful in this section of the hike. However, there is nothing against cooling down after the strenuous activity!

Following the steps further, we finally reached Tembeling Beach. Rugged cliffs form the coast, which is only interrupted by the small section of Tembeling Beach. In the back the jungle, in front of us the rough sea. The visit to the stony beach should not be crowned with a jump into the surf, however, because in addition to the rocks in the water, there is also a strong current here, which can turn any swimming fun into a real danger. We enjoyed the view and explored the surroundings. To the right we discovered a cave, which we followed to its end. Piled up stones testified that we were not the first ones. The field of vision widened again and we stood at another beach section, the so-called Tembeling Secret Beach. Here again we paused for some time, letting our gaze wander over the jagged cliffs and the open ocean, leaving nothing behind but a small tower of stone.

Towers built of stones at Tembeling Secret Beach.
View of the sea and the high cliffs at Tembeling Secret Beach.

After a wonderful time by the sea, it was then back to our scooter. Another short jump into the natural pool provided the necessary motivation to master the strenuous climb. After an exciting day, where one highlight followed the other, we reached our accommodation exhausted but overjoyed, returned our scooter intact and were full of anticipation for the next adventure, a close encounter with manta rays!

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