Kep in Cambodia: Is it worth it?

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A sunset over the sea with an orange sun.

Kep, a small town on the coast of Cambodia is our next stop after the country's bustling capital. Many locals rave about the place, which is especially known for its proximity to the Vietnamese borders. Tourists rarely stray here, and if they do, it's only for a brief stopover. What awaits you in Kep, what things you can experience and whether the journey is worth it, you will find out in our article!

A woman sits by the sea in Kep and smiles at the camera.

Travel tips for Kep

How you get to Kep depends, of course, on your starting point. The Ha Thien border crossing in Vietnam is only 20 kilometers away. However, if you apply for an e-visa for Cambodia, it will not be recognized and could cause problems. Our way leads us via the capital Phnom Penh, from here you can easily buy a bus ticket to Kep online. Locally, there are only two providers near the Olympic Stadium, which reach their destination several times a day for $9 per person within 3.5 hours.

In the city itself are some small supermarkets, ATM's and restaurants. There is also no lack of hotels and inns, but everything is already in an upscale price category! 

6 things to experience in Kep

A bustling market with colorful huts near Kep.

Small, colorful stalls line the seaside and sell, as the name suggests, crabs and other sea creatures. Especially in the evenings, you can eat inexpensively at the Crab Market and sample Cambodian cuisine.

A beach with isolated boats near Kep.

Angkol Beach is located about 15 kilometers from Kep. You can only get there via a dusty gravel road. The beach is lined with palm trees, but otherwise nothing special. Whether the trip is worth it, you have to decide for yourself!

Close-up of loud peppercorns in Kep.

The area around Kep and Kampot is famous for its world-famous pepper. Therefore, a visit to a farm is a must. During a guided tour you will learn interesting details and later you can even taste the pepper and of course buy it.

A huge crab in the sea of Kep.

Fittingly for the Crab Market, a gigantic blue crab in the sea welcomes the few tourists. The monument is a popular photo motif, especially at sunset, and locals also like to come here.

A statue of a woman by the sea of Kep.

The statue of a white mermaid is located directly on the beach of the village of Kep. Locals and tourists flock here to enjoy the sunset by the sea with a view of the adjacent figure.

The sunset over the sea of Kep.

A sunset always goes and on our last evening in Kep we were rewarded with a breathtaking one. You can admire it best on the beach or the boardwalk.

Is Kep worth it?

We are quite honest, Kep did not inspire us at all. When we arrived, the entire beach and the streets were besieged, glances pursued us throughout. The locals themselves go only fully clothed in the water, as a tourist you would then also not want to put on display in a tight bikini. Also, the surrounding attractions, such as the Angkol Beach turned out to be a flop for us. Rather, we can recommend the neighboring town of Kampot, the old city with its rundown houses and restaurants has a special charm!

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