Kelingking Beach - Nusa Penida

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Viewpoint at Kelingking Beach during the day.

The Kelingking Beach is the most famous photo motif of the whole island! If you type in Nusa Penida on the Internet, countless pictures of it pop up. High stone walls and turquoise seawater frame a small white sand beach and only a steep staircase leads down to the secluded paradise. Of course, this viewpoint was at the top of our list. And to make sure we had the view all to ourselves, we started the day early.

The night before, we told an employee of our accommodation that we wanted to explore the island with a scooter the next morning. No problem at all, he said, because there was the possibility to rent a scooter directly at the accommodation. So he handed us the key after our breakfast the next morning and accompanied us to our scooter. When we arrived at the scooter, we immediately noticed the flat tire on the back, which made a ride impossible. But coincidentally, at that moment a friend of his passed by on his scooter. After a somewhat lengthy discussion, we understood of course no word, handed this somewhat reluctantly his key. We were astonished, but we had a bit of a queasy feeling about taking off with a borrowed scooter. Be that as it may, we thought to ourselves. Helmets on and off we went.

We just drove on it, but had a rough idea where we had to go. The route first took us back into the interior of the island and that was still the more pleasant part of the drive. Here the roads are paved, but that was about to change. Just following the main road, small settlements and single houses passed us until we slowly approached the coast again. In principle, one would need maybe three quarters of an hour for the 15 kilometer distance. However, we were on the road with a scooter, had to avoid countless potholes and in some places I also had to get off so that Beppo could continue alone, which of course dragged out the ride.

View of Kelingking Beach and its turquoise waters.

Finally arrived at our destination we parked our scooter and walked the remaining meters. Here you have to go down a small staircase and get to the famous viewpoint. The view is really breathtaking. The formation of the cliffs, in the protection of which the small bay was formed, surrounded by shimmering turquoise water. We paused for a moment and let the scenery take full effect on us. Since we had already started early in the morning, we had the place to ourselves and could accordingly enjoy the view in peace and snap a few pictures. On the left hand is a small temple in which monkeys dwell, which frolicked in the morning sun.

Standing at the top of the viewpoint, you inevitably think that the beach below is already a great enticement. A white, deserted sandy beach, turquoise water, surrounded by steep rock faces. But the only way down is via a steep and wobbly staircase, partly without railings. For this reason, there is also a warning sign at the start of the path, describing that the descent is not in perfect condition and that you enter at your own risk. We descended a few steps, but both decided to be sensible and enjoy the view from the top, because there have already been some deaths here too!

Those who still dare should plan about 30 minutes for the descent and an hour for the ascent. However, the ascent can be a real torture, because the sun shines mercilessly on the path and there is no shade. So take enough drinks with you and sturdy shoes are of course a must. But you should be aware of the risks! For this reason, we recommend to enjoy the panorama from above.

After an hour, the view is really unique, we moved on, because we had a few more stops planned for today. Next on the list was the Angels Billabong!

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