Kampot in Cambodia: Where the pepper grows!

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Close-up of black peppercorns in Kampot city.

Kampot - a small town on the coast of Cambodia is not known for its landscape! The saying: "Go where the pepper grows!" is literally true here, because Kampot produces the best pepper in the world and is proud of its export. But there's a lot more to see besides the little black balls, and we'll tell you 4 things you shouldn't miss in our post!

Travel tips for Kampot

The easiest way to get to Kampot is definitely by bus. Depending on the starting point, minivans run daily between the different places. Coming from the capital Phnom Penh, you can reach the city in 3 hours. The bus for this will cost you around $8, but it is the most modern and punctual one we had in Cambodia. For many travelers, Kampot is also the first port of call after crossing the border from Vietnam. But be aware that with an E-visa you can't officially cross the border post in the south!

4 things you should not miss

#1 Pepper farm

As already mentioned, Kampot pepper is one of the best varieties in the world. Therefore, a visit to a pepper farm is a must. Within walking distance of the city is the facility Farm Link, which has no cultivation itself, but the pepper sorted and processed. During a short guided tour and tasting you will learn the most important aspects and later you can buy different products in the small store. If you are interested in the cultivation itself, we can recommend La Plantation about 20 minutes outside of Kampot.

Close-up of black peppercorns in Kampot city.

#2 Old town

The old town of Kampot has its charm, that can not be denied. Even if most of the houses have their best years behind them, a little stroll is definitely worthwhile. In the evening, the city is lively, restaurants with western food, small stores with the best pepper in the world and a night market vie for the attention of visitors.

The old town of Kampot during the day.

#3 Big Durian

You can't miss this sight, as a statue of an oversized durian sits proudly in a traffic circle. The Cambodians love the fruit, which is also called stink fruit. By the way, due to its strong smell, it is forbidden in many hotels and public transport. On every street corner, women prepare the durian, but don't be surprised at the price. It is the most expensive fruit you can buy in Cambodia!

A large statue in a traffic circle in Kampot city.

#4 Kep

If you are looking for really fresh and good seafood, then you should definitely go to Kep. The village is about 30 minutes away from Kampot and is famous for its crab market. You definitely shouldn't miss the giant crab statue on the waterfront either. You can find our highlights of Kep here!

A sunset over the sea with an orange sun.

Is Kampot worth it?

We are quite honest, Kampot is a nice stopover, but nothing more. The surrounding area has little to offer, only the old town with its run-down houses and restaurants has a special charm. After a day's stay, we have seen everything and were happy to sit in the bus towards Thailand.

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