Angels Billabong & Broken Beach - Nusa Penida

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Basin of Angels Billabong with shimmering colors.

After the first impressions of the day at Kelingking Beach, we got back on our scooter, still impressed by the breathtaking view. Our next stop should bring two impressive natural spectacles. The Angels Billabong and the Broken Beach. Before we left, we talked to a couple from Sweden in our accommodation who had already visited these destinations. They were fascinated and raved about the two rock formations in the highest tones. We were already full of anticipation and the two sights should keep what they promised.

But the journey had it in itself. In addition to the Swedish couple's recommendation to definitely drive to these destinations, they also pointed out that the drive itself was already a real adventure and that Broken Beach was so named because of the poor condition of the road. Also here the couple should be right. The total of 9.5 km from Kelingking Beach to Angels Billabong demanded everything from us and our scooter. After countless potholes, stones and slopes, which were to be mastered only alone on the scooter, since the underground was loose and each wrong movement would have led to the Strutz, we finally reached the parking lot, which is chargeable with 5,000 IDR (~ 30 cents). In return, no further entrance fee has to be paid for the two sights.

On foot we marched towards the first of the two attractions. The Angels Billabong, which means Pool of Angels, is an extraordinary rock formation on the coast. The waves crashing on the cliffs have formed a lagoon here in the southwest of Nusa Penida in the rugged stone walls, which should truly be reserved for the angels to bathe. But also we normal mortals are allowed to cool off in the crystal clear water at low tide and normal swell. Unfortunately, during our stay, the access, a concrete staircase, was closed, so we had to make peace with the view of the natural pool. With each swell, new water is carried into the nearly 100-meter-long pool and shimmers from now on in vibrant colors ranging from turquoise to azure to orange. The play of colors makes the Angels Billabong probably the most beautiful infinity pool in the world! 

The Angels Billabong with its shimmering colors underwater.

After another 5 minutes of walking, we reached the second destination, Broken Beach. In addition to Angels Billabong, the waves have created another unique rock formation here over the millennia. The arch of limestone, through whose opening the water from the open ocean enters the oval basin, can be ideally viewed from the vantage point on the cliff. However, caution is advised here, as there are no fences attached and a fall from this height is certainly fatal. Unlike the Infinity Pool, however, you have to be content with the view from the high plateau, regardless of the swell, because there is no way down. The sight can be circumnavigated and along the way there are small food stalls that invite you to refresh yourself. We were at Broken Beach at lunchtime, which is why the number of tourists was relatively high, but by no means crowded. 

Close-up of a hand with Broken Beach in the background.

We spent about 2 hours at Angels Billabong and Broken Beach, enjoying the view, the play of colors and the uniqueness of the two natural phenomena. After the relaxing time we walked back to our scooter, because it should not be the end of our one-day road trip. Next on the agenda was Tembeling Beach!

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