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Drone shot of rice fields and surrounding mountains of Vang Vieng.

For a long time, Vang Vieng was known for one thing only, tubing on the Nam Song River. Over hundreds of tourists floated daily with inflated truck tires along the water and made stops at the countless bars on the shore. There was a lot of alcohol and also drugs flowing and after countless fatal accidents the government decided to put an end to it all. Vang Vieng changed its image from a party place to a nature resort, because the surrounding area has a lot to offer. High mountains with viewpoints, blue lagoons and huge caves attract visitors since then.


For most travelers, the town is the next stop after Luang Prabang. Completely understandable, besides the countless excursion destinations, getting there is also easy and fast by Lao standards. With the newly built rail network, you can reach the city in just 1.5 hours. Tickets can be purchased in Luang Prabang either at the accommodation or directly at the train station. Of course, the latter is cheaper.


Drone shot from Pha Ngern Cliff Viewpoint at sunset.

Slowly the sun disappears behind the green mountains of Vang Vieng. The colorful hot air balloons end their short ride and we enjoy the spectacle all alone at dizzy heights. However, this moment also has its price, because you can reach the high vantage point only through a strenuous hike.

View of the Blue Lagoon at Vang Vieng during the day.

Even though Laos does not have access to the sea, there are plenty of opportunities for a refreshing swim. Thanks to countless waterfalls, clear rivers and blue natural pools, you can easily escape the tropical heat. Especially the blue lagoons are a highlight on our trip!

A man stands by the Kaen Nyui waterfall and looks up at the sky.

A side trip to the Kaeng Nyui waterfall is in our eyes definitely part of the program in Vang Vieng. Only a few people stray here. Admittedly, there are more impressive waterfalls, but this one is a good alternative to the partly crowded lagoons in the area.

A man sits on a viewing platform and looks down on Vang Vieng.

We stand on a small platform on the precipice and let the view wander over the jagged limestone rocks, the green rice fields and the dense forests. The view from up here is truly breathtaking. The Nam Xay Viewpoint is one of the most popular of its kind in Vang Vieng, especially at sunrise or sunset. 

A steep stone staircase leads up to Tham Chang Cave in Vang Vieng for sunset.

You just arrived by train or bus in Vang Vieng and want to collect the first impressions? Then the Tham Chang Cave a little south of the city is the perfect destination. At the foot of the impressive cave is also a small blue lagoon, which is perfect for a short refreshment!

Slowly the sun sets behind the mountains in Vang Vieng.

You can't miss a sunset around the town of Vang Vieng. Whether on a hike or a short ride in a hot air balloon, the panorama is breathtaking, especially when the sky slowly turns orange and the sun finally disappears behind the mountains.

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