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Sunset at one of the largest temples in Sukhothai.

Thailand - the land of smiles!

The country located in Southeast Asia is the perfect entry country for backpackers and travelers who are traveling in Asia for the first time. So our first big trip outside of Europe was to Thailand. Back when our hair was still short, our skin still pale and we were still green behind the ears! Besides lonely beaches, richly decorated palaces, almost forgotten ruins and Buddha figures as far as the eye can see, the country also trumps with incredibly friendly people. The state also owes its nickname to these people, because they always have a smile on their lips and are always helpful and courteous. This mixture makes it, so experience Thailand with us!


An old yellow car is parked in front of a run-down hostel in Bangkok.
Gilded, reclining Buddha figure in Wat Pho.
Royal Palace and its garden in Bangkok.

The Golden Mount under a bright blue sky.
The symmetrical entrance area of War Ben in Bangkok leads directly to the temple.

The colorful Chinatown in Bangkok, covered with signs.
Close-up of an ingrown Buddha head in Ayutthaya.
Sunset at one of the largest temples in Sukhothai.


A woman in traditional costume raises a lighted sky lantern in Chiang Mai.
Long exposure of the floating flower boats and the fireworks in Chiang Mai.
A golden temple with a blue lantern in the foreground in Chiang Mai.

Drone shot of a rice field in Pai.

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