Nam Xay Viewpoint - Vang Vieng

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A man sits on a viewing platform and looks down on Vang Vieng.

We stand on a small platform on the precipice and let the view wander over the jagged limestone rocks, the green rice fields and the dense forests. The view from up here is truly breathtaking. The Nam Xay Viewpoint is one of the most popular of its kind in Vang Vieng, especially at sunrise or sunset. 

Close-up of a green dense jungle while hiking to Nam Xay Viewpoint in Vang Vieng.

With your scooter, which is the best means of transportation in Vang Vieng, you have to cross the Nam Song River. Use the small dilapidated bridge after the Riverside Boutique Hotel and keep to the right. Then just follow the road in the direction of Blue Lagoon 1. Only a few hundred meters before you turn onto a gravel road, signs again show you the way to the parking lot. In addition to the small snack stand and a seating area, you will also find the ticket booth where the entrance fee of 10,000 kip (~ 50 cents) per person is collected.

Sunset over the cloud covered mountains of Vang Vieng.

If you've already done the hike to Pha Ngern Cliff Viewpoint, this will be a cinch. A narrow path with steps and countless roots winds its way up the hill. After only 20 minutes of walking you will reach a small wooden hut with benches. You can safely leave this to the left, because it is only a few meters to the summit. But it is a tough climb, partly we have to climb over large boulders, before we finally reach the plateau at Nam Xay Viewpoint.

A woman walks up through a dense jungle to the Nam Xay viewpoint.
Drone shot from Nam Xay Viewpoint at sunrise.

We quickly look for a suitable place to catch our breath, because there is a lot going on at the viewpoint. About a dozen people cavort on the narrow viewpoint, shoot photos and enjoy the view. And the view is really sensational. The striking limestone cliffs of the region rise high into the sky. Cows graze on the rice fields and scattered sounds reach us from below. To make it all a bit more special, locals have set up an old motorcycle on the edge of the cliffs, which has become a popular photo motif.

Drone shot of the surrounding landscape around Nam Xay Viewpoint.
Drone shot of the surrounding landscape around Nam Xay Viewpoint.
A woman sits on a motorcycle at Nam Xay Viewpoint.

Because of the fast and relatively easy accessibility, the viewpoint is the perfect spot for your next sunrise or sunset. You can get back to the parking lot in just under fifteen minutes, so you don't have to trudge around in the dark for hours. But also during the day, the short hike to the summit is suitable and can be wonderfully combined with a trip to the Blue Lagoons. After exciting days in Vang Vieng we pack our backpacks, it pulls us to the south of Laos, more precisely to Champasak to Vat Phou!

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