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Close-up of an elephant eye in Luang Prabang.

Luang Prabang is known for its extraordinary waterfalls, but as it happens, most of them are well visited and rarely offer rest and relaxation. But during my research I came across the still very unknown Hoi Khua waterfall, which is located on the opposite side of the Mekong River. 

A woman with brown hair and cap looks at the ground in Green Jungle Park.

To get to the waterfall, you must first cross the river by ferry and go to Chomphet District. There are several landing stages along Souvanhna Khamphong Road. Therefore, keep your eyes open for a small road down to the water. There are no exact departure times or prices. Departure is when there is no more room on the ferry. And don't be surprised if, for example, you pay less on the outward trip than on the return. The employees collect on a whim and, of course, immediately recognize a tourist. Our hostess said 20,000 kip (~ $1) is fine. In fact, we got off easy with 6,000 kip for the outward and 10,000 kip for the return trip.

Close up of a green plant in Green Jungle Park.

After a short ride of a few minutes we reach the shore. Now the fun part follows, because about 15 kilometers through small villages and beautiful landscapes lie ahead of us. Water buffaloes wallow in the mud, chickens flit across the road and every now and then we can catch a glimpse of the Mekong. Slowly we approach our destination. Large advertising posters point to the waterfall, but also to a Green Jungle Park. Hm - first doubts rise in me.

A man with blond hair and sunglasses looks sideways past the camera.

When we finally reach the GPS coordinates, we are standing in front of the park entrance. A friendly employee comes rushing up to us and enlightens us that the Hoi Khua waterfall is located within the grounds. After paying 30,000 kip (~ €1.60) entrance fee per person and 5,000 kip (~ 30 cents) parking fee, we enter the park. Beautifully landscaped paths lead to a small river and countless signposts give a taste of the activities that can be done here. Only a few visitors stroll around and we make our way directly to the approximately 100 meter high waterfall. Following a narrow trail that winds up a slope, we reach a small pool of water. This is the end of the line, but you still have a wonderful view of the falling water.

A woman with a purple t-shirt is standing by a pool of water overlooking the waterfall.
A woman with purple t-shirt is climbing down from a stone vr a waterfall.

If you are looking for a little more action, the park also offers a zipline. But this costs extra, of course. We are content with the sight of the people whizzing around and walk behind the signs to the flower garden. After the colorfully painted underpass, we suddenly find ourselves in front of two elephants that look at us with curious glances from their enclosure. One of the two immediately goes all out and tries to dust off something edible with his trunk, because for a few kip you could buy a food bucket. 

Close-up of an elephant in Green Jungle Park in Laos.
An elephant with a sling stands against a fence and looks into the camera.

After a while, we silently say goodbye to the pachyderms and follow the path for a short distance through the dense forest until we finally stand in front of the beautifully designed flower garden. Colorful umbrellas hang from the sky, the gravel path winds through colorful flower beds, past a suspension bridge and an observation tower. Shortly after us, one of the two elephants also arrives at the flower garden, because you can book a ride on the spot, which of course is not recommended.

A man stands in a dark underpass leading to the flower garden in Green Jungle Park.
A giant black spider is currently spinning its web in Green Jungle Park.
Colorful umbrellas hang from the sky in Green Jungle Park.

Even though we imagined something different, after all we were looking for a lonely waterfall, the Green Jungle Park thrilled us. Few visitors stray here and the green park is a cool refuge to escape the heat. The waterfall is also a little taste of Luang Prabang's most famous attraction, Kuang Si Waterfall!

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