Bangkok - Thailand

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An old yellow car is parked in front of a run-down hostel in Bangkok.

Bangkok - the capital of Thailand!

Opinions about Bangkok vary widely. Some love it, others hate it. There is no middle ground. After the exciting days we spent in the mega metropolis, belong to the faction "we love it". Bangkok impressed us from the first second. Crowded and noisy streets, people everywhere, countless restaurants and stores, on felt every second corner a temple. In the evening, bars and markets invite you to linger and before you know it, the next morning is already dawning.


Royal Palace and its garden in Bangkok.

A must of any visit to Bangkok is without question the central Royal Palace. In addition to the magnificent palace, the extensive grounds also include Wat Phra Kaeo, which is furnished with fine details, inviting you to marvel for hours!

A stone war stands in the foreground of Wat Arun in Bangkok.

A stone's throw from the Royal Palace is Wat Arun, whose approximately 70-meter-high and 234-meter-wide Prang dominates Bangkok's cityscape. However, the steep stairs must first be conquered.

Gilded reclining Buddha figure in Wat Pho.

The 46-meter-long and 15-meter-high reclining Buddha, covered with gold leaf, is definitely one of Bangkok's absolute highlights. So it is not surprising that daily about 10,000 visitors flock to the temple complex.

The Golden Mount under a bright blue sky.

A green oasis in the midst of gray apartment blocks can be found at Golden Mount. The artificially heaped up mountain in the center of the city looks back on a turbulent history and convinces at its summit with a breathtaking panorama.

The symmetrical entrance of the War Ben in Bangkok leads directly to the temple.

Wat Ben, as this particular temple is colloquially known, is by no means crowded even at lunchtime and its marble facade offers a stark contrast to the usual temples in Bangkok.

Offering in the form of a wreath of flowers on Songkran festival.

The traditional Thai New Year, which takes place from 13.04. - 15.04., is an absolute highlight during your stay in Bangkok. Exuberant atmosphere, colorful streets and a water spectacle, which probably only exists once in the world.

The colorful, sign-strewn Chinatown in Bangkok.

A place where a sheer number of goods are offered, countless warungs prepare delicious dishes and tourists haggle diligently on the price. We are talking about Chinatown in the middle of Bangkok!

The impressive golden Buddha overlooks the whole of Bangkok.

One of our first destinations is Wat Intharawihan. The 32 meter high golden Buddha, at whose feet believers meet for prayer, is located in the middle of a small temple complex and can be admired ideally under shady trees.

Shimmering lights, colorful ads and lots of people on the streets of Bangkok.

Colorful lights, crowded streets and wild parties, at the latest after Hangover 2 we all know that the nightlife in Bangkok has it all. Many small bars along the streets invite you to a relaxed cocktail, but who knows how the night ends.

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