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Servus, we are Lui and Beppo, photographers, bloggers and content creators and together we run the company roasn. Our main focus is our travel blog, which we fill with our reports and high-quality pictures about our full-time travel around the world since 2022, providing readers with detailed descriptions and valuable tips for their next adventure.

The focus is mostly on the sporting challenge of spending time in nature and exploring the one or other unknown spot. In doing so, we set a good example and call on our readers to be more mindful and sustainable in everyday life and while traveling.

We work with brands and individuals to enhance their visual marketing and social media engagement through outstanding photography and video. Together we create great projects and images to help them stand out from the competition. Because of our travel, we also have the opportunity to shoot the products in different locations and beyond with people. Through our style of travel and activities, we cover outdoor, lifestyle, travel and interiors.

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