The Lost Waterfalls - Bajo Boquete

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Man standing in front of big waterfall surrounded by green jungle.

Finally arrived in Panama we wanted to explore the landscape with countless waterfalls, coffee plantations and huge rainforests. To begin our adventure in the southernmost country of Central America, we chose a promising tour, The Lost Waterfalls. A two to three hour hike through the dense jungle of the Panamanian highlands, three breathtaking waterfalls awaited us. The tour should deliver what it promised and reflect a first impression of the beauty of Panama.

However, the journey was anything but smooth. As you know, we were in Panama with a rental car on the road and drove accordingly just on it, of course, initially in the wrong direction. When we were finally right, Lui wanted to turn around 100 meters before the entrance, because she doubted that this was the correct way. There is no or hardly any signage on the roads leading to the three waterfalls, so be sure to check out the starting point on our map!

Suspension bridge to "The Lost Waterfalls" in the middle of the jungle.

At the beginning of the hike, you first have to cross an old bridge. After crossing the river, signs will lead you up a hill that will get your circulation going for the first few meters. After about 10 minutes you reach a quiet garden with tropical plants and a small hut on the left side. Here we had to pay the entrance fee of 7 $ per person. We also had to fill out a form with the information about our personal data and our accommodation. This serves at the same time as check-out when leaving the park.

Hand sketch of the path to the three waterfalls.

In addition, the employee handed us a sketch as a hiking map, on which the three waterfalls and the path to be walked were marked. The recommendation of the man in the hut was to visit first the waterfall No. 2, then the third and on the way back the first waterfall, which should probably equalize the rush of visitors somewhat. However, since we were the only visitors on the narrow path through the dense greenery that day, I assume that the number of visitors is generally limited. All the better! Nevertheless, we kept to the instruction of the signpost. The trail itself leads as already mentioned in the middle of the jungle and you feel already after the first meters exposed in the wilderness, which only spurred our adventurous spirit even more. Besides the mystical sounds coming from the green thicket, the only sound we could hear was the murmur of the water in the distance, which already gave us a glimpse of the waterfalls. The muddy ground complicates some parts of the tour, as it becomes very slippery in places. In the tricky places, however, there are occasional ropes attached to the edge of the path, which means that the obstacles can be overcome in any case.


So we left the first waterfall on the right and marched directly to the second. We reached it after about 30 minutes. The first waterfall of Panama we visited and it should have been no other. Over the complete width of the river the water flowed in free fall from about 14 meters into a small basin at our feet. Bajo Boquete is located at 2,000 meters above sea level and the clouds gave the sun no chance that day. Accordingly, it was unfortunately relatively cold, so we did not venture into the pool of the waterfall. However, with this sight we knew that it would be a breathtaking day and an unforgettable experience even without a bath!


After another 30 minutes we reached the third waterfall. A little smaller than the second, but at least as beautiful. The path to waterfall number 3 is the most difficult section of the hike, but in our opinion also the most beautiful. After the route leads uphill over a muddy, narrow path through the greenery, shortly after you will stand at the river course in front of the precipice of the previously visited waterfall number 2. Following the water, the path winds over stones, tree trunks and through the wild jungle to the third waterfall.


After a relaxing time at waterfall No. 3, we went back the way we came before. Here, as on the way there, caution is again required, as the ground can be extremely slippery in places. With the aforementioned auxiliary ropes, however, even the treacherous places can be overcome and so we reached, somewhat faster than the outward route has taken, the first waterfall and this is clearly the highest of the three. The water flows narrower than the ones already seen from the gallery, but it plunges about twice as far into the depths. Thick drops collect on the dense climbing plants that make their way up along the waterfall, and the mist rising from below creates a breathtaking atmosphere.

The Lost Waterfalls in Bajo Boquete was our first adventure in Panama and what an adventure it was! The hike through the dense jungle, the mystical atmosphere along the way and of course the three breathtaking waterfalls made this day a very special one. Accordingly, this definitely counts as one of our very personal highlights of our Central America trip. The next tour was already on the schedule, La Piedra de Lion.

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