Rio Bermejo - Santa Fé

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Man standing on the bank of Rio Bermejo and in the background a cab crossing the bridge.

After the hardest hike of our trip to Cerro Tute, we wanted to end the day with a relaxing cool down. After a short nap at the pool of the hostel, we went by car to a nearby river. Theoretically, you could also walk the distance, but we both lacked the strength and motivation to do so. Therefore, our drivable had to hold out, which later turned out to be an advantage. Because after cooling off in the river, it began to rain heavily and so we could take refuge in our car.

In high Santa Fé, surprisingly, you are spoiled for choice when looking for a place to swim. The Santa Maria River flows past the town, and there are countless opportunities for swimming along its tributaries. We chose a small tributary called Rio Bermejo right on the outskirts of town and were not disappointed.

Coming from the south, you have to turn right after the church Iglesia de Santa Fé. Passing the Rainforest Yasim Hostel and the Coffee Mountain Inn, you will reach a bridge after about 2 kilometers, which you cross. Directly on the left side of the road after the bridge you will find a small parking bay where you can safely park your car. Then you just have to cross the street and walk past the River Tubing Santa Fé to the river. It is about 5 minutes by car from the center of the city.

Measured against the other activities of our travels, this one is certainly one of the smaller adventures. However, it was ideal for us on this day. We found peace and quiet on the banks of the narrow and shallow river to relax and cool off. And aren't it the small experiences that make the big picture special? Besides, we had to regain our strength, because the next day we had to hike to the Alto de Piedra Waterfalls!

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