La Piedra de Lino - Bajo Boquete

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View over the dense jungle at La Piedra de Lino including rainbow.

After exploring The Lost Waterfalls, another hike was on the agenda. La Piedra de Lino, a short but intense trail in the environs of Bajo Boquete that brings with it a great view of the town and the mountain scenery of the area. The summit is also a popular destination for locals. And yet, we had slight difficulty finding the entrance here as well. So that you don't feel the same way, we have marked the entrance on our map.

We set off again with our rental car to the starting point of the hike. In principle, we prefer public transport on our trips, but since we had so far only three weeks time for our trips, it had to go accordingly quickly from A to B, hence the car. As with The Lost Waterfalls, the search for the entrance to the tour turned out to be relatively tricky. After several stops and numerous directions from the locals, we finally found what we were looking for. A sign at the roadside with the inscription "SENDERO LA PIEDRA DE LINO" signals the start of the hike. Here you follow the dirt road, on the right side of which is a fenced chicken coop. 

The directions themselves are relatively simple. Just follow the path, there is actually no turnoff where you could go wrong. But this one has it quite in itself. The distance is relatively short with about 1.3 km, but on this short distance over 400 meters of altitude must be overcome! We both had to struggle in the meantime, because when the lonely hut, see picture, is passed, it becomes slippery beyond that. For this reason, you should follow the packing list and definitely wear hiking boots! After the board shack, you will reach a garden where various flowers and useful plants are planted. When we walked through the garden, the farmer was working and harvesting. So pay special attention to where you step! 

All the way to the top you have a breathtaking view of the area and once at the top you can see the surroundings of Bajo Boquete in a 360° panorama. As soon as we had climbed a peak in Panama, there was always a rainbow in the distance, which of course gave the hikes and the summit a very special charm. After the tour, it was time to say goodbye and head for our next stop on our trip. On the way to Santa Catalina we had to make a short detour at Los Cangilones de Gualaca!

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