La India Dormida - El Valle de Antón

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Woman admires the view from the top of La India Dormida.

La India Dormida - the sleeping Indian. According to legend, Flor del Aire, the daughter of a chief, fell in love with a Spanish conqueror. Yaraví, a young warrior of her tribe, who in turn was in love with the princess, threw himself to his death because of the rejection and humiliation. This suicide affected the young woman so much that death itself came to her on the beaches of the Caribbean. Her last sight was of her beloved mountains, where she was once born. The mountains were so touched by this unfortunate love story that they recreated the silhouette of the young Indian woman. And so was born the famous mountain flank La India Dormida. After our sunrise hike up Cerro la Silla, this was to be our second port of call that day! 

From the hostel we started this time by car in the opposite direction as this morning. You can park right next to the entrance. Here you have to pay $3 per person and you also get a wristband, which has to be worn during the stay. The tour itself leads you first along a stream and small waterfalls, in which we first took a short cooling, to then continue the way through the jungle. This path winds along the foot of the mountain and offers you a wonderful view of the silhouette of the sleeping Indian. On the path you can also see the last traces of the Indians who once inhabited this valley in the form of writing on a rock. However, the age and meaning of the hieroglyphs is still not completely clear.

After half an hour of hiking, also here we had to leave some meters of altitude behind us on a short distance, we reached the summit and thus the head of La India Dormida. We were both already exhausted, the last few days had it quite in itself, but also this mountain paid us back all the effort. Upon reaching the summit, we were greeted by a cool, refreshing drizzle and a picture-perfect rainbow appeared in the valley. We enjoyed the moment at the cliff edge and marveled at the play of colors in the distance.

The rest of the hike is along the crater rim of the huge volcano. Here you have a breathtaking view of the vast valley and the city. We let our gaze wander into the distance and had a good time. Afterwards it was the same way back to our car. La India Dormida is also a great spot for sunrise, especially the view of the valley with the rising sun in the background is said to be magnificent. Due to the destinations we still had to visit on our trip through Panama, we left it at El Valle de Antón with the sunrise at Cerro la Silla. Our tour was coming to an end and one of our last points was Panama City!

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