Costa Rica

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Close-up of a flying hummingbird.

Pura Vida - Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is waiting for you to explore its dense rainforests, colorful flora and fauna and beautiful, diverse landscape. Dive into the new culture with a rafting tour, hike through the green lungs of the world or let your soul dangle in the lonely Drake Bay. Get to know and love the peace and serenity of the locals, the so-called Ticos, and the national motto of life, Pura Vida. "The pure and simple life" that the locals celebrate at every opportunity will inevitably inspire you and hopefully you will be able to integrate the basic idea of this philosophy of life into your own everyday life. Costa Rica, the paradise between the oceans, makes every adventurer's heart beat faster and so it also captivated us. Experience the colorful underwater world, the wildness of the jungle and the friendly people, because for all this stands the unique Costa Rica.

Wild river Pacuare surrounded by jungle.
Close-up of a flying hummingbird in Los Quetzales National Park.
Deserted beach in Marion Ballena National Park.

Drone shot of the beach in Drake Bay.
Large reef shark in the waters around Isla de Cano.
Full bus at the Costa Rica - Panama border crossing.

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