Bajo Boquete - Panama

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Colorful graffiti in Bajo Boquete showing birds and flowers.

Bajo Boquete - the remote town in the heart of Panama!

The small town with about 6,200 inhabitants belongs to the province of Chiriquí and is known for its surrounding coffee plantations. In addition to the famous "The Lost Waterfalls", coffee tours through the surrounding hills entice visitors with interesting facts about the cultivation, harvesting and roasting. And of course, a tasting of the hot beverage is not to be missed. Those who drive into town for the first time are greeted by colorful graffiti on the walls of the houses. Due to the mild climate with an average temperature of about 20° Celsius and the relaxed atmosphere, Bajo Boquete has become a popular retirement home for Europeans and US-Americans. This development is also reflected in the cityscape, and it is impossible to imagine the small town without international cuisine. So we sat in the tranquil highlands of Panama in an American restaurant and ate burgers surrounded by drunken fans, football was playing on the TV.


High waterfall surrounded by green jungle.

Three breathtaking waterfalls are waiting to be discovered by you in the dense jungle of the highlands of Panama. For us it was the first tour after crossing the border from Costa Rica. The adventure should deliver what it promised and provide a first insight into the beauty of the country!

View from La Piedra de Lino to Regewald and rainbow.

After a short but strenuous hike to La Piedra de Lino, we reached the summit exhausted but happy, which provided us with a magnificent overview of the city and the surrounding area. In addition, we were compensated for the efforts with a rainbow, like from the picture book.

Threat shot of Los Cagilones de Gualaca with surrounding jungle.

During our crossing from Bajo Boquete to Santa Catalina we stopped at the Canyon - Los Cangilones de Gualaca. A unique canyon that can be swum through and also tempts with cliff jumps. But a picture says more than a thousand words!

Structured rock face Los Ladrillos at Bajo Boquete where climbing is possible.

The impressive rock formation Los Ladrillos about 10 minutes outside the town center is not only a highlight for the eye, the wall is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts and is located directly on the way to The Lost Waterfalls.

Green landscape with Barú volcano in the background.

Bajo Boquete is the ideal starting point to climb the volcano Barú. From there you have a breathtaking view of the two oceans that border Panama! However, the hike to the summit takes about 7 hours and because of our limited time window and the weather conditions, we decided against the volcano climb.

Two coffees on white table with plate and cookies.

The surrounding area of Bajo Boquete is lined with coffee plantations, which can be visited on tours, here all relevant details about the cultivation and further processing are conveyed. In addition, the small cafes in the town center invite you to a relaxing afternoon with the locally grown and brewed hot beverage.

Colorful graffiti in Bajo Boquete showing birds and flowers.

Small boutiques selling jewelry and clothing and an evening market invite you to take a relaxed stroll. Ideally, you stroll through the alleys with a delicious ice cream from one of the trendy ice cream parlors. And you are also spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out, because one restaurant follows the next.

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